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Northwinds Pottery

Enhancing the beauty of everyday life

Northwinds Pottery specializes in handmade, functional pottery. All pottery is oven-safe, food-safe and is available at affordable prices for everyday use. A wide range of pottery items are available from traditional dinnerware sets, to more specialized items such as the French Butter Dish, Garlic Roasters, Dip Coolers and Brie Bakers.

Pottery Collection

Meet Tracy

Passionate About Pottery

My passion for pottery drives me to constantly explore new techniques and ideas. The thrill of creating a beautiful, functional pot from the raw materials of the earth, and then using the heat of the kiln to transform the clay into pottery, is still very real for me. Each kiln opening is like Christmas morning.

Using pottery in your everyday rituals, such as your morning cup of coffee, transforms and enhances them into richer, more significant and enjoyable experiences.

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We love connecting over clay!

Create something with us, or let us create it for you.

We’re a proud participant of the Made in Parry Sound project. Made in Parry Sound is a new grassroots marketing collaborative spearheaded by the Parry Sound Area Chamber of Commerce, but owned and operated by the makers themselves. It exists to introduce the makers who live among us, and to celebrate just some of the many diverse things that are made and produced in the Parry Sound Area.


Whether you're just starting out, or you're a seasoned pro, we have lessons just for you.

Ready to try something new? Gather your friends and get in touch with your inner child by trying your hand at one of the world’s oldest art forms! The studio is equipped with 4 potters’ wheels, and state of the art hand building supplies! Treat yourself and your loved ones to 15-20 pieces - depending on your work ethic and your prediliction for having fun and socializing! Drop us a line for more information.

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Join us for updates on new products, specials and events.

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